UAE govt announces four and half day working week

The official working week in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has now been reduced to 4.5 days. The weekend is Saturday and Sunday, with the aim of improving the tournament. National working week will be compulsory for all spheres of government from January 1 2022 and Friday will be a day-long holiday of Islamic prayers based on regional norms....

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Choose Services from Best Law Firm in Dubai for the Most Effective Representation

It is a challenge to get justice after falling into the trap of some legal issues. Effective solutions do not come in handy. You must approach Alqada’s name among the Best law firms in Dubai in the legal industry. Only then it becomes easy to get solutions. Alqada is a leading law firm that leaves no stone unturned while helping the clients. Look for leading names who have the most talented, effective, and capable team to give expert solutions. In every case, the legal issue is different. Skilled attorneys, legal experts handle disputes with near perfection to get the best results...

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Federal degree law regarding bounced checks in UAE

The implementation of the new law is done by the cabinet in UAE and this rule will come into effect from the starting of 2022. The new law is significant in terms of a swift and better way of check clearance.
The definition of the check-related offense is revised that covers the fraud cases like check falsification, misguiding the banks on paying the check amounts, transacting the check amount before the date, deliberate poor signing, and drawing the check.
These new laws are meant to highlight those measures to the global platform in which the check authorities can save themselves from criminalization...

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Breach of Contract Claims

Multiple terms and conditions are listed in the contract. When any party that is part of the agreement, either written or oral, fails to comply with the terms of contract, the act is known as a breach of contract.
Alqada is a noted name of the legal sphere. You can always count on us for receiving effective legal solutions...

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Why A Good and Specialized Lawyers Is A Smart Option

Legal aspects of life are quite dynamic and quite difficult to handle and then, it would be easy to lose your mind, in some cases, such as Arbitration cases in Dubai, corporate legal issues, and commercial cases in Dubai, you have to be careful because it can bring bad reputation and losses to you.
Hence, you should know how to go about finding the best legal services in Dubai, and here are a few tips to help you with that...

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Debt Collection

Debt collection is the recovery of unpaid invoice or debt. It is very crucial for the reputation and functioning of a business entity. In a situation where a business owner is unable to recover his past dues, a legal professional can help him in debt collection.

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Merger & Acquisition

Mergers and Acquisitions are two different forms of corporate transactions that lead to the union of two companies or brands. Processing a merger or acquiring a company is a major event for any organization. M&A transactions require a range of technical considerations such as tax, competition, pensions, environmental or regulatory. As a law firm, we focus on achieving our client’s financial and business goals...

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Alqada has been providing legal advice for all aspects of employment law in Dubai for both the public and private sectors. Our team of best lawyers in Dubai has been assisting employers including government, semi-government entities, multinationals, and other private entities. We provide advice on various employment matters like immigration and residency rules, staff benefits and incentives, documenting service contracts, termination management, gratuity settlements and Ministry of Labor compliance...

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Banking & Finance

Banking and finance law deals with operation, organization, and ownership of banks and financial institutions. Al Qada’s banking and finance practice is a market leader in terms of experience and range of practice. Our team of legal advisors in Dubai provides services in all aspects of structuring, negotiating and documenting financial transactions. We represent local as well as international banks and financial institutions in both conventional and Islamic transactions...

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Technology-Media and Entertainment

The Technology, Media and Entertainment industry has been growing all across the globe over the last decade, which has brought many local and global players together. As a multidisciplinary law firm with rich experience in debt collection, dispute resolution, data protection, and digital forensics, corporate and other disciplines, our technology, media, and entertainment practice group boast of the exceptional service that we provide...

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