Dispute resolution

Dispute resolution service is the process of resolving disputes among parties. In other words, you can say, Dispute resolution generally leads to one of the numerous different methods used to settle disputes between parties including, different methods. Arbitration lawyer and litigation lawyer in Dubai are those personalities who manage problems that arise amid two parties or businesses that usually need dispute resolution solutions.

We people at Alqada have years of experience in law practice, and we will guide and provide you the best and quickest service in UAE.

Clients have two option at the starting of a dispute

(1) Negotiate as soon as possible, even if a legal proceeding has started (quite challenging because parties have different views)
(2) They can apply to the court, which involves research and motions.

Parties involved in a dispute generally have a range of options for settling the dispute like:
  • resolve it themselves (by negotiating)
  • use process of governments
  • use process of private sector
  • use of a third party to settle the dispute

Disputes are disturbing, damaging, expensive, and time-consuming. They affect communities, organizations, government, and especially people who are working there. Preventing disputes and resolving disputes at an early stage is quite beneficial. We need dispute resolution because it provides ways for people of firms to raise their voices and issues.

We give an assortment of elite dispute resolution services and prod trust in parties through our neutrality and the quality of our dispute resolver. Our team of specialist dispute resolution attorneys has a long record of prosperous cases. Former to taking on any claim or litigation, we first examine our client`s cases and guide them on all possible alternatives.

Why Alqada as your Dispute Resolution Lawyer in Dubai?

With years of experience, our law firm in Dubai has the skill to deal with domestic and international disputes. Our services are available to any private and individual sector. Our dispute lawyer are highly experienced legal practitioners who frequently serve clients in ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) methods, including acting as arbitrators. Our attorneys can represent you in commercial and civil disputes such as corporate, intellectual property, employees, etc. Alqada is here to work with you to find the best settlement options available. We have experienced litigators and have represented clients in disputes elevate across all courts of law in UAE.

Our Alternative Dispute Resolution Services include-
  • Commercial Litigation
  • Real Estate Disputes
  • Employment Disputes
  • Construction Disputes
  • Mediation
  • International Arbitration
  • Enforcement of Judgements
  • International Debt Recovery

And many More.
We will support you throughout the process. For us, the client is always at the top of our priority list. Our strategic team and professionals give the best possible solutions.

You can simply send your query, or contact us on 048928438, and Hand over all your legal worries to our Dispute resolution Legal Advisor In Dubai and relax while you wait for the best execution to solve your disputes.

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