Arbitrating in Dubai: A Closer Look at the Dubai International Arbitration Centre

Started in 1994 as part of the Dubai Chamber of Commerce & Industry, the Dubai International Arbitration Centre (DIAC) changed over time. By 2004, with Decree No. (10), it became the biggest alternative dispute resolution (ADR) center in the region.

DIAC, being a non-profit organization, helps resolve business disputes for parties of diverse nationalities and jurisdictions, without going to regular courts. With lots of experience, DIAC has handled almost 5000 cases, dealing with various values, difficulties, and business areas. The total worth of these cases is about AED 70 billion, which is around USD 19.1 billion.

What DIAC Offers?

  • Flexibility.
  • Neutrality
  • Efficiency
  • Confidentiality
  • Cost-effectiveness

Key Services Offered by DIAC

Arbitration: At DIAC, they help settle arguments using a service called arbitration. Instead of going to regular courts, the people in a dispute talk about their sides to a fair arbitrator or a group. The arbitrator(s) then make a final decision, usually called an award. This way of resolving conflicts is private and effective, especially for business and commercial issues.

Mediation: DIAC also provides mediation, where a neutral third person, called a mediator, helps people in a dispute find a solution they both agree on. Unlike arbitration, the mediator doesn't decide what should happen but helps the parties talk and work together to find a solution. Mediation is a more cooperative and less confrontational way to resolve issues.

Conciliation: Conciliation is when a third party, called a conciliator, helps parties in dispute to come to an agreement. The conciliator suggests solutions and offers ideas for fixing the problem. It's a bit like mediation, but the conciliator plays a more active role in suggesting ways to help the conflicting parties find common ground.

Appointing Authority: DIAC has the appointing authority. This means it has the power to choose arbitrators or mediators when the parties can't agree on who to pick. This service makes sure that the process of selecting the people who will make decisions about the disagreement is fair and unbiased.

Why Choose DIAC?

Regional Expertise: DIAC's specialized knowledge focuses on the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia. They use this knowledge to handle disagreements in a way that understands the unique business practices and laws of these places.

International Recognition: DIAC is known worldwide as a top place for settling disagreements. They follow the best global practices; making businesses involved in international deals feel confident about using their services.

Modern Facilities: DIAC has really good facilities for solving arguments. They have comfortable rooms for discussions, advanced technology, and a nice environment, all making the process of resolving disputes work well and smoothly

Multilingual Support: DIAC helps people who speak different languages by offering support in multiple languages. This helps everyone communicate clearly and accurately when sorting out disagreements.

DIAC helps make Dubai a big hub for businesses and settling disagreements. It adds to building a strong legal system in the area, making people trust that commercial disputes can be resolved effectively.

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