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Welcome to Alqada, counted amongst the Top Law firms in Dubai, we are known for delivering exceptional results. We are aware of the client's legal needs and extend suitable solutions. Whether you are seeking arbitration lawyers, debt collection lawyers, international lawyers, corporate lawyers, civil lawyer, criminal lawyer, etc. We have a highly trained team, and their expertise proves valuable in resolving disputes. From analyzing your documents to advising and guiding you until concluding your case, we stand by your side.

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Fighting a legal battle is full of challenges. Our legal advisors in Dubai have managed to score a victory for the clients and represent them various fields.


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With the team of the best Dubai advocates & legal consultants, we have the potential to provide the finest legal advice. Our legal consultants have deep knowledge about the law that helps in resolving complex commercial as well as corporate matters. To extend the best legal services to existing and new clients, we continuously upgrade our knowledge and information. This allows us to extend the best advice, and our name is taken amongst top legal firms in Dubai.

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We endeavor to keep a top reputation and moral norm while remaining commercially competitive. thus, our law firm offers quality and satisfactory services at the most ideal rate.

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Banking and finance law deals with the operation, organization, and ownership of banks and financial institutions. Alqada’s banking and finance practice is a market leader in terms of experience and range of practice. Read More
Our Lawyer specialized in Shipping Sector has knowledge of maritime, trade, and finance law that the firm offers at an affordable budget. We work with shipbuilders, charterers, salvors, financiers, port and government authorities, insurers, etc. across many sectors. Read More
Our Law Firms in Dubai give a range to Legal Advisor in Dubai for local and exile Multinational Companies, Corporate Companies, and LLC Companies. To facilitate such objectives we structure, draft, negotiate and review all the necessary documentation ‎and agreements related to your business.
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No matter how great a bidder you are, there is always someone better than you who is present. We will examine all documents in advance and guide on any problems or omissions with the documentation. Our attorneys will assist you in analyzing all the rules and provisions of the Emirates auction. Read More

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What are Mobile Notaries?

According to the National Notary Association, notary publics are officers of integrity who are probably appointed thru the authorities so that they will serve the overall public as unbiased witnessing in assignment numerous proper fraud-deterrent sports activities sports which is probably.

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Choose Services from Best Law Firm in Dubai for the Most Effective Representation

It is a challenge to get justice after falling into the trap of some legal issues. Effective solutions do not come in handy. You must approach Alqada’s name among the Best law firms in Dubai in the legal industry.

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Federal degree law regarding bounced checks in UAE

The implementation of the new law is done by the cabinet in UAE and this rule will come into effect from the starting of 2022. The new law is significant in terms of a swift and better way of check clearance.

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At Alqada, every case is treated with a high degree of interest and attention by the best lawyers in Dubai. Our lawyers advise the clients in a very courteous and professional manner. Alqada has achieved in resolving 93% of cases. Our team even devises necessary litigation strategies to accomplish legal goals.
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A Dubai advocate's role is to guide on all law releted matters .
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