The Best Arbitration Law Firms in Dubai

Arbitration Law Firms in Dubai not just dominate in accomplishing favorable judgments for clients under Dubai Arbitration Law however guarantees the most extreme security of their privileges under the law and the arrangement endorsed between the parties. Our group of legal advisor's profundity in Dubai Arbitration law is unprecedented at the local and international level as supported by in-depth knowledge and broad comprehension of arbitral procedures of several arbitration institutes registered in the country.

As one of the leading arbitration law firms in Dubai, Alqada believes in supporting clients on each step during the arbitration process. We get involved in the initial steps of the contract creation process to conclude whether arbitration can help with dispute resolution or not. Our team makes sure that all relevant clauses are included within the contract.

Our arbitration lawyers in UAE represent their clients in civil and commercial matters in the following arbitration centers in the UAE itself:

  • Dubai International Arbitration Centre ('DIAC')
  • Abu Dhabi Commercial Conciliation and Arbitration Centre ('ADCCAC')
  • Arbitration Centre of the Dubai International Financial Centre-London Court of International Arbitration ('DIFC-LCIA')
  • International Islamic Centre for Reconciliation and Arbitration (IICRA)
  • Sharjah International Commercial Arbitration Centre (Tahkeem)
  • Ras Al Khaimah Centre for Reconciliation and Commercial Arbitration

With rapid changes in the global economy, corporate disputes are currently past a particular area, wherein most organizations approach Arbitration Law firms in Dubai having exceptional involvement with Dubai Arbitration Law along with perfect expertise in legal representation before applicable arbitration institute. Our arbitration legal advisors in Dubai work close by customers from different areas including (aviation, organization law, real estate, engineering, franchising, insurance (including reinsurance), procurement and construction (EPC), maritime, media, and technology.

Alqada & his team provide reliable services related to Arbitration, as they have excellent experience with Dubai arbitration law & proceedings. We recognize our client's needs and work towards resolving their complex issues.

We will help you to get justice

Our competent team has amassed extensive experience in resolving arbitration matters. We provide advice to clients in arbitration on matters pertaining to -

  • Contract disputes
  • Real estate
  • Infrastructure and construction
  • Commercial disputes
  • Corporate disputes
  • Financial services
  • Insurance and investment
Why Alqada as your Legal Advisor in Dubai?

Arbitration assists in settlement of complex cases. We understand that not everyone is comfortable with traditional litigation. Court procedures are often very lengthy, exhausting and stressful. Alqada helps in quick resolution of the matters that bring tranquility to clients. Our highly experienced, specialist practitioners provide expert representation before the tribunal so as to get the best outcome. Most commercial organizations prefer approaching the best arbitration law firms in Dubai for effective representation. Alqada is committed to protect the rights of the client. The expertise and competence of our team is simply matchless. We have a deep understanding about arbitral procedures that allows us to take a lead.

Our Process

Alqada has vast experience in arbitration, we start by clearly explaining the terms of the arbitration to our clients. During the arbitral proceedings, we present for legal representation in arbitration matters worldwide.

You can simply send your query, or directly Contact us on 048928438, Our legal Consultant will get back to you for all your legal requirements that come under arbitration law UAE. We do everything to ensure favorable judgement for the clients even if the matter is very complex.

Alqada believes in supporting clients on each step during the arbitration process. There are following list of Arbitration's articels you can know more about Arbitration law by visiting these links.

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