How to file a civil law suit in the UAE?

If you’re residing within side the UAE, it’s critical to apprehend the extraordinary elements of a civil lawsuit within side the country. Civil legal guidelines within side the UAE address diverse problems consisting of own circle of relatives disputes, breach of contracts, and different non-crook violations through more than one event. In the UAE, Federal Law No. eleven of 1992 turned into amended and up to date to Law No. 10 of 2014. The new regulation dictates the jurisdictions, regulations, tactics, and techniques worried with Civil Procedural Law. Let’s discover extra approximately the courtroom docket machine, legal guidelines, and manner of submitting a civil case within side the UAE.


The courtroom docket machine withinside the UAE operates on the neighborhood and federal levels. There are 3 kinds or levels of courtroom docket structures normal withinside the UAE.

  • Court of First Instance operates at each a neighborhood and federal stage
  • Court of Appeal caters to each federal and neighborhood instances.
  • The Federal Supreme Court operates on a federal stage and the Court of Cassation operates on the neighborhood stage of the emirate with unbiased judicial departments.

Now that we've indexed down the courtroom docket structures, let’s circulate directly to the manner of submitting a civil lawsuit withinside the UAE.


The first step toward submitting a civil regulation case is to search for criminal recommendations and discuss them with a skilled legal professional. Remember that the only one who documents the case may be the plaintiff and the alternative birthday celebration who has precipitated damage or been worried in contravention of the agreement may be the defendant. The plaintiff desires to percentage all of the information of the case definitely with the legal professiona


After looking for criminal assistance, the following step is to decide the proper jurisdiction on your civil case. For instance, if the defendant is staying in Ajman, the plaintiff can't record a civil fit in Dubai or some other emirate. The accurate jurisdiction in this type of situation could be thru the Ajman courts in which the defendant resides.

Jurisdiction is decided through the defendant’s abode. In case the abode report isn't always available, the judicial district may be in which the defendant works. For business civil instances withinside the UAE, the jurisdiction to record the case may be any of these:

  • Where the defendant resides
  • Where the verbal/written settlement turned into made, or in which an agreement or a settlement turned into carried out in part or wholly
  • Where the agreement must have been carried out

Before you are taking the step of submitting a civil lawsuit withinside the UAE, the courtroom docket presents mediation thru extraordinary committees. As the criminal manner can fee each time and money, a legal professional will recommend an agreement or a mediation as a way to attain a choice swiftly. In a few instances, mediation fees may be minimal. Some of the mediation committees withinside the UAE courts consist of:

  • Commercial disputes decision committees
  • Family steerage committees
  • Settlement and reconciliation committees
  • Rental dispute decision committees
  • Labor dispute decision committees

If the 2 events can't attain a choice thru such mediations, the litigating birthday celebration can practice for a “No Objection” letter from the applicable mediation committee and publish an announcement of declaration to the courtroom docket. Once the announcement of declaration is submitted, a choice will preside over the case withinside the Court of First Instance.


To efficaciously record a civil case withinside the UAE, the plaintiff or their criminal consultant will publish an “announcement of declaring” with assisting files to the Case Management Office withinside the courtroom docket or through filing digital records. The defendant will obtain a duplicate of the plaintiff’s declaration so they can also put it together for the criminal proceedings. The announcement of declaration will consist of:

  • The plaintiff’s and the defendant’s non-public information and addresses
  • The subject-count number of the lawsuit
  • The requests and grounds
  • The date of submission of the lawsuit to the Case Management Office
  • The courtroom docket earlier than which the lawsuit is filed
  • The signature of the plaintiff or his consultant

A reproduction of a binding agreement is needed if the case worries revocation, validation of agreement, or nullification

If the case is associated with business problems the change license, electronic mail address, making quantity, and information of any pending instances in opposition to the employer have to be registered.

If any of the decisions are primarily based totally on problems abroad, the UAE’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation must attest to the authentic judgment.

All files have to be supplied in Arabic. Legal translators furnished through the UAE’s Ministry of Justice have to translate the files to English or some other language into Arabic.


Once all of the office work is ready, the plaintiff must signal the lawsuit if it's miles to be submitted through the attorney. After all of the files are submitted, you may want to pay the courtroom docket prices primarily based totally on the kind and nature of the case.


The essential step in submitting a civil lawsuit withinside the UAE is getting a case quantity and listening to date.
The clerk will problem a notification at the defendant thru the bailiff within 10 days from the date on which the announcement of declaration turned into a file.
The legal professionals have to make certain that the courtroom docket has the jurisdiction to listen to the case in step with the provisions of the UAE Civil Procedures Law segment 3.


The case is decided on the day of the trial. The valuation is primarily based totally on the remaining request made through the events worried withinside the lawsuit. The case valuation will consist of revenues, expenses, and indemnities on the day of the trial. You can depend on the authentic courtroom docket calculator to decide the diverse fees online.


When the case is filed, the defendant will reply to the case by filing a defense memorandum or a plea to the Case Management Office. The copies of the plea have to undergo the signatures of the defendant and they must be submitted 3 days previous to the date of listening. In a few instances, the time restrict for pressing motion is 24 hours.

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