Legal Ailments To Be Gained In Case Of A Felony Caused By An Animal

The affection and passion for pets among citizens of the UAE have increased in recent years. The adoption of any kind of pet comes with certain responsibilities and when it comes to owning a pet in this land, there are a few interpretative rules that a pet owner needs to adhere to keep his surroundings unruffled with the presence of his furry companion.

To express it out more elaborately, animals that live under a roof in the concrete world, are under the responsibility of their owners. But depending on the animal's upbringing, temperament and circumstances, any pet can be a threat to humans. Therefore, aggressive pets, if neglected in a social environment can cause physical harm to anyone near them and that will be considered as a punishable offense and the owner would be held liable for the unintended incident.

Recently, a new law was incorporated into the country's local law regarding felonies caused by animals under Article 314 of federal law No.5 on the Civil Transaction Law of UAE.
The law clearly states that the felony caused by an animal is punishable but the liability for the prejudice caused is on the one having control over it, whether being its owner or not if due to his negligence on transgression.
Therefore, our team of lawyers and legal experts at Alqada, are here to help composite your legal challenges for compensation being made, if you are a victim of a relatable accident.

As a legal hearing might commence, there can be unlikely defense held against the victim by the defendant with complicated reasons such as, there are no visual proofs to confirm the exact cause of the attack, the animal was casually provoked by the victim himself or it was a matter of seconds and was not in the hands of the owner to handle the situation.
In such cases, it becomes a necessity to bring in a lawyer to take up your case and help you get compensated.
Let us tell you about a few ways, how our attorneys can help you recover money in case of an animal attack.

Our attorney will help collect intact testimonies from witnesses-

It is not always just the physical injuries that hurt in such cases, it is the lasting trauma or the aftermath of the incident that stays long with the victim and therefore it causes a person to suffer from long-term emotional or psychological terror. Now when it comes to being compensated in financial terms, it's mostly is about evidence but when we speak on emotional sufferings, the victim would need a lawyer who can speak on his behalf and explain to the jury why a bigger compensation is deservedly on the part of the victim.

Help you gain reparations for the pain and trauma suffered

According to article 31 of the UAE’s constitution “the people of UAE have freedom of communication via post, cable or other means of communication and guarantees their privacy, so in the path of that, if you also divulge the confidential information of any business or you are using that information for your personal benefits, it will also result in you in serious penalties like imprisonment or fine according to UAE penal code. These laws also include that checking your spouse phone without his/her permission is also against the UAE laws.

Will represent you in court if the case demands a hearing

Mostly dog or monkey bite incidents are settled outside the court and a hearing doesn't necessarily need to come up. But sometimes in severe or sensitive cases, the matter is needed to be taken up to the court and it would be needed on the part of the victim to present a winning case to gain appropriate reimbursement. Here our lawyer can help make up your case with all the needed evidence and facts regarding the accident and present on your behalf to win the best settlement.

Can help and claim the insurance money on your behalf

In such cases, the insurance company tends to avoid giving the insured person the adequate settlement amount that one deserves by mostly debarring the policy clauses clashing against the actual reason.
Here an experienced lawyer can negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf and help you get the amount you deserve.

Here at Alqada, we pledge to provide you with the best support and solutions in your legal fight. We constantly keep evolving our practices with the newest laws that get introduced in our country's local law. Therefore, we believe in treating our clients as our biggest assets, and insuring you is nothing but our biggest win.

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