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Alqada provides high-end expertise in the litigation matters which is unparallel in the Middle East. Litigation matters are complex in nature and professional approach is vital in litigating disputes. Our expert team resolves issues that may be civil as well as criminal. Our client may have a small enterprise or a big organization we are capable of handling any litigation matters in the region. Our results are the best in the region. Alqada law firm’s expertise is in debt collection which is an added advantage for any client.

Strategically Litigation Services:

Alqada law firm has a strong team of attorneys who strategically manage any disputes arising out of contracts, breach of trust, civil claims and criminal law issues. Our firm’s areas of operation are construction, real estates, distressed debts, intellectual property infringement, and disputes of shareholders, trade practices, franchise litigation and more. The experts at our firm ensure the best solutions for the clients. We have different clients from semiconductor, nanotechnology, media, information technology, and medical device industries having issues in joint ventures, commercial matters, finance, and more.

The team is capable of handling issues related to the commercial and legal aspects of the client’s business. We guide our clients in a way to strategically handle the dispute that will be the most effective and in favor of their business both domestically and internationally. The dispute resolutions are also well handled by the team so the clients get enough options to settle disputes like the out-of-the-court settlement to save time and give you the best financial deal.

Bankruptcy Law, Corporate Insolvency and Restructuring:

As time changes so do the laws to accommodate current settings. Bankruptcy law has been modified in the UAE and only bankruptcy expert lawyers can help you to get out of the situation. The professionals, in this case, must be experienced, updated and articulate in solving the insolvency issues. The team of lawyers will help in getting access to the necessary resources to mitigate the legal issues arising out of the finance development.

Corporate Structuring:

Corporate may fail financially due to many reasons as excess leverage in public sectors, technological advancements, fragile capital structure, fraud, and mismanagement. Our team of bankruptcy and structuring attorneys handle issues from any sector be it real estate or healthcare, banking or consumer goods, media or shipping and more.

Construction Litigation:

Constructions projects are at times, complicated but even if simple litigation disputes can be very complex, challenging and technical. The professionals take care of the matters with utmost care analyzing all the points and loopholes, thereby, strategizing the case for the best result. Our team works for contractors, subcontractors, owners, project managers, surveyors, architects and engineering firms, and other related professionals. Alqada works through different phases of construction projects – Pre-construction, administration, and post-construction.

  • Pre-construction – This phase includes corporate structuring, construction procurement and financing, investor negotiations, development planning, and zoning, drafting the preliminary set of contracts, advice and guidance on setting up escrow accounts, et al.
  • Administration: This stage involves defective engineering and construction defect claims, risk management, contract enforcement, guidance on strata law, and defining common areas.
  • Post construction: The legal team of Alqada is always prepared for disputes in bids, tenders, construction fraud claims, subcontract claims, court litigation etc.

The team of Alqada is specialized in debt collection and hence ‘settlement experts’ can smoothly carry out distressed debts issues. The team not only deals with private companies and MNCs but also Government and its agencies. We also advise on financial institutions, professional liabilities, and commercial risk insurance, product insurance matters etc.

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11 November، 2015

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