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Do you need help with reducing bail or avoiding jail time?

What Are The Documents To Give?

We will sign the agreement and authorization letter with advance payment. Once it is finalized , we will start the process.We will require the Power of Attorney to be completed from your side so that no delay will come in our process es to recover your money .

How Do You Start ?

We will ask you a list of claims . We will first send it to investigation team to check and filter the claims. We will accept only the cases which are really possible to collect the case .After filtration we will start the process to solve amicably .We will give 6 days to solve the matter amicably. Almost 70% of our cases get solved amicably . If we cannot there will be many procedures to solve the matter which may also include public prosecution, court , etc.

Why Do I Need Specialized Claim Recovery Agent?

Any successful business needs partnering with a professional commercial debt collection agency to save their payments and time to keep the main focus on the business growth. Market changes from time to time so there is high need of professional specialized agent who understands the market fluctuations, not just to save the cash flow but also to save the future expected critical situations.

Why Should I Not Go With Lawyers?

With us you get a complete package . We have a broad range and methods to collect money , going legal is just on part of all the work that we do. We have many other specialized procedures to collect money for which you do not require.Also, lawyers will charge you large fees and very often , if the case is not properly followed by the lawyer , you can lose all of your amount.

How Long It Will Take You To Recover The Money ?

No professional can actually give you a time but we can assure you that our process will start the same day . We will not delay it even a single day as our major proportion of fees is received after the collection.

Who Are Our Clients?

It is confidential information and we do not have authority to disclose the names of our clients but we can say that we have the biggest companies in the market as our clients. Our debtors are also the biggest in the markets.

What Are The Procedures That You Will Take To Recover Money?

We are very professional in our approach and all the actions are taken without any delay . The procedures varies from case to case.The procedures that we take may include amicably,public prosecutions, court etc, in a nutshell. There are many more procedures in between which if we start explaining will take a long time.

How Old Is Our Company?

We are in the market for more than 15 years in this industry , and we have a great experience.

Who We Are?

We are the claims collection agency providing the claims collection services for any of your bad debts or money that you are not being able to recover from your clients. We believe in recovering your money with the utmost urgency without any further delay at the expense of minimal cost.