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Al Qada has been providing legal advice for all aspects of employment law in both the public and private sectors. Our team of lawyers has been assisting employers including government, semi-government entities, multinationals, and other private entities. We provide advice on various employment matters like immigration and residency rules, staff benefits and incentives, documenting service contracts, termination management, gratuity settlements and Ministry of Labor compliance.

We assist our clients in reviewing the validity of employment contracts, misconduct, policy violation, and fraud detection. We provide support in dispute resolution to avoid any legal consequences and reputation damage. We have provided services in various industries like insurance, manufacturing, banking & finance, information technology, real estate, and tourism.

Employees are the most important resource for the success of any business. So it is our concern to safeguard the interests of both the employer and the employee keeping in mind the main objective as profit. To maintain this relationship we provide assistance in each stage of employment lifecycle. We help in streamlining HR practices, enforcement of employment law obligations and in foreseeing future legislation.

Our employment law services covers

    • Policies and contractual documentation
    • Corporate support
    • Business Restructuring


  • Employee Relations IssuesIt mainly involves debt collection and other settlement negotiations.


  • Litigation Assistance

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