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Maritime and Shipping

The market is changing and so complicated are the legal process in any business mode. There is uncertainty in every step in business now than it had been before and one cannot be sure to know all the details in the legal process. The laws are changing with the changing trends and for this, you need an expert to guide you through. The businesses have become more urbane and one must sync with it to handle it in a better way. Businesses are going technologically upgraded and hiring a legal expert is a necessity than a luxury. Alqada believes in making things simpler for our clients and taking care of the whole legal factors is our team’s forte. Alqada has a strong hold on debt collection as their specialized service which can also make things clearer and easier in the shipping industry.

Alaqada’s special legal team has knowledge of maritime, trade and finance law that the firm offers at an affordable budget. We work with shipbuilders, charterers, salvors, financiers, port and government authorities, insurers etc. across many sectors. We have a special team for shipping finance which covers all types of asset finance facilities, shipbuilding and repair contracts: sale and purchase of vessels, leasing, export credit financing and more. Our team is determined to make the most out of the law for the best of the client.

Hiring a professional saves you from any uncertain legal calls, which can drain your pockets. Our expert attorney will be on guard to save you and your finance for legal disputes. Contact us for any marine related law issues at the best industry rates from the expert legal panel.


11 November، 2015

Skills Used

Strategic Observation, Fieldwork, Market Research

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