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Al Qada’s team of franchise lawyers has been providing services to entities all across the globe. Our team of experienced and innovative lawyers has worked for franchise businesses across varied industries like Automotives, Financial Services, Health and Beauty, Fast Food, Cleaning & Maintenance, Hospitality, Fashion Etc. Our skilled and recognized lawyers help clients with the legal aspects of expansion.

Franchising is a business strategy where the owner (franchiser) authorizes the other party (franchisee) to use his trademark, brand and business model for a mutually agreed sum with a motive to expand his business.  Considering the wide range of issues involved in franchising, Franchise law deserves to be a separate branch of law but in UAE, there is no specific franchise legislation and general contract and commercial law that applies to franchise agreements. Franchise law involves a number of practice areas such as contracts, trademarks and copyright, securities, fraud and misrepresentation, advertising and dispute resolution.

At Al Qada, a franchise attorney’s work areas are divided into regulatory compliance and counseling as well as dispute resolution. We understand businesses and industries of our clients. We support our clients’ passion and drive them towards expanding their businesses. Our franchise attorneys provide support in all the aspects of franchising which includes sales law compliance, negotiation of franchise agreements, system changes and supply arrangements, franchise agreement enforcement, franchise renewals and terminations, franchisee transfers, pricing issues, and international franchising.

Franchising agreements are often long term agreements and so it is common to have disputes. These disputes cause mediation, arbitration, and litigation. When franchisor and franchisee both disagree with each other, the franchisee may stop paying the royalty. In such cases, Al Qada provides its expertise in settling royalty claims with professionalism and ethical practices. Although Al Qada is a wholesome firm specializing in Debt collection, we have well defined and customized procedures as per the settlement requirement of the client. Some common disputes are

  • Breach of Contract
  • Violation of brand Standards
  • Franchisee Discrimination
  • Transfer Issues
  • Pricing Issues

Franchising is growing to be a strong market and plays an important role in UAE economy.  Going with this trend Al Qada has been providing franchising services from small start-ups to big multinationals.




11 November، 2015

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Strategic Observation, Fieldwork, Market Research

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