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Corporate Services

At Alqada, we have a dedicated and expert legal team well efficient in handling all corporate solutions for the clients. The team spreads its wings across the nation and overseas for any sort of corporate legal issues. The issue may be simple or complex, our team solves the problems with their extensive experience and skill. The corporate disputes may come from any sector and any geography but the Alqada team is ready to handle this with their deep knowledge on the specific areas. Maintaining the corporate records and due submission of necessary documents are on the priority list of the Alqada team. The law experts of the team know the local law well and execute in a cost-effective way to the client.

Our team is well conversant in multiple languages, thereby, supporting the regional clients. While specialist team covers many areas like corporate restructuring, corporate governance, debt collection remains core to our expertise.

Corporate Restructuring:

A company gets restructured when it wants to go for a change, merges with another company or acquires a company which needs a major change in documentation and other processes. The need for restructuring is increasing as organisations and companies are constantly updating it with the change in the market and economies. The team Alqada takes charge of all the requirements including complex issues like reorganising, bankruptcy, regulatory compliance, corporate licensing, distressed sales and mergers or acquisitions – both locally and overseas transactions.

Corporate Governance:

The business environment is always dynamic and change is the only constant, hence the team of Alqada is prepared for any circumstances for any companies. The team advises on any sector – public to private companies, government and semi-government undertakings, senior management, boards and directors and others. The Alqada attorney advises on varied things, such as exit strategies, duties, executive succession, shareholder rights, shareholder rights, internal audit and risk management. Our team also maintain shareholders, directors and company secretary registers, process all online submissions, and verify the documents as original and authentic.

The team also goes way to guide the client with proxy proposals, voting rights, extraordinary meeting requests and the list goes on. The necessary drafts for any corporate come within the purview of our law firm. There are corporate issues like sending a legal notice, code of conduct, ethics policy, trading guidelines, disclosure controls, and providing legal solutions to the problems, all disputes are taken care of the team.

Our team updates itself with the new laws if any. The history of the firm speaks out the able team that supports the legal deformities of the clients or supports them in dire circumstances. The expert team works in all specifications and areas as banking and finance, consumer goods, healthcare and life sciences, aviation, telecommunication, healthcare and life sciences, media, and technology sectors giving the client diverse support.

The failure in processing the legalities, such as shareholder’s meeting obligations, and document submission deadlines, of a company, negatively affects the brand and reputation of the organisation.

Contact us for all your corporate related solutions anywhere at a cost-effective rate and full assistance to solve your legal disputes.


11 November، 2015

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