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Construction Law Practice

Of all the businesses construction business is one of the riskiest sectors where legal disputes are high on the charts. The efforts in terms of time, money, and resources used in any construction project are not sufficient for the success of the business. In such cases, there is a high risk of litigation cases for properties. The project may be small, simple or large and complex but every construction project needs a lawyer to guide through the legal process of the project. Every company must take precautionary measures to limit the profit margin of the real estate projects. Alqada gives the client all the support related to the construction sector. Being a specialist in debt collection, the law firm can also handle debt-related legal issues competently.

Alqada has well expertise in construction law and has in-depth knowledge of all the areas of engineering and construction industries and the law firm provides services in the development of the project, financing and managing the project, handling the management and more. The law firm has a comprehensive team of lawyers negotiating, preparing tender documents, and also preparing bids on behalf of the client. The lawyers can advise on public-private-partnership projects, administration and risk matters of the company. Alqada law firm extends support on issues revolving around insurance coverage, breach of contract, litigation, property damage claims, and dispute resolution.

The law firm has a promising legal team well informed about the latest industry trends as their knowledge is updated with their participation in various activities revolving this. The client may come from any sector the team is well trained to handle. The various legal issues that may arise with the construction sector are – compliance issues, zoning and planning, environmental obligations, bankruptcy, defective workmanship, employment issues and more. The services that the law firm team can provide are –

Construction Contracts:

Our team has well efficient lawyers able enough to draft construction contracts as per the latest trends used in the construction sectors while keeping in mind all the risks related to it. The drafting is done considering the possible risks involved in stating involvement and responsibilities. In short, our team strategizes construction drafts in a way that is the best in favor of our client.

Claim Prevention and Risk Management:

Alqada is an experienced law firm which examines the construction project from the beginning looking into the details so that the vital issues and the snags can be apprehended beforehand. Our team experts also employ strategies for risk management to guard them against any legal anomalies. We calculate the probable risk that may occur in critical legal compliance so that you can save a high risk of financial loss.

Construction claim and Litigation:

Alqada has a strong team to handle construction claims and litigations and provide them safeguard against such disputes. If a client faces unavoidable litigation, we persistently fight for our client. A special team is appointed for construction-related claims and litigations, therefore, increasing the success rate. We also come up with creative and productive solutions for any problems related to law.

Project Support:

The team focuses on all-round legal management of the client that includes the planning and strategy of the construction project, the appointment of contractors and consultants and also solving the disputes. Our team believes that if litigation is counter-attacked at the early stage the adverse loss can be reverted for which experts must be appointed to handle the issues.

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11 November، 2015

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