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 Legal disputes may vary and commercial disputes are one such that needs attention by expert brains. At Alqada, your commercial law needs are taken good care by the industry experts. The undisputed dynamic solutions by our law firm ensure the best solutions of the legal issues. The disputes are resolved only after getting hold of the core understanding of the issues. Since debt collection is a specialised service that Alqada provides, tour clients can get a special edge in commercial debt collection. Each case is a challenge for the team, and we create a customised service enhancing the success possibilities of the case, studying the in-depth areas of the company and issues. We have a coordinated team locally and overseas that looks after the cases in accordance with their regional requirements.

Alqada’s commercial practice areas are joint ventures, Outsourcing, E-commerce, procurement, software development contracts, supply chain management, franchise, and area developmental agreement, licensing and sponsorship, advertising and marketing, investment agreements, consultancy agreements, sports law, and more. We understand the laws and hence can deliver the best solutions to our clientele. Our team advises on the full gamut of commercial requirements in legal areas, be it simple or complex subject. All the commercial legal dealings and regulatory works are taken care by our firm.

Contact us for any commercial related legal disputes for best solutions in a cost-effective way.


11 November، 2015

Skills Used

Strategic Observation, Fieldwork, Market Research

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