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Our fields:

It is represented in a team that has the following skills:

  • Restructuring the corporates (financial, administrative, marketing and operating)
  • Revaluating he company’s assets (fixed, current, and investment)
  • Studying the company’s financial positions, identifying the most important problems therein and the most important solutions to get out of the current situation , balancing between the return and the risk , and measuring the degree of financial analysis for forecasting and future planning , and ho to successfully manage the financial crises
  • Evaluating the proposed financial regulations and working to complete the image in the best possible way, while developing the internal systems for monitoring and follow-up
  • Designing and developing the cost systems, whether (productive or commercial ) to reach the full real cost, whether (direct of indirect)so that the company can set the appropriate sale price safely or the competition in the market until the company is fully in sage and no room here in our work for discretional matters at all and the cost is variable by the production per hour
  • Converting the institutions into limited liability companies, especially converting the limited liability companies into closed joint stock companies for a period for two years, then converting them into an open joint stock company launching its shares in the local and global market.
  • Providing the financial field studies on the local and global market conditions, analyzing the financial conditions of the institutions and companies for continuity and below that, god forbid, and taking the decisions to open new branches and expand or open other revenue.

Studying the available opportunities in cooperation with the government institutions with how to reduce risks , enhance the efficiency and professionalism and eliminate the centralization in th work, so that the work is a purely institutional work that is not subject to the control of the individual

  • Studying, improving and raising the productivity and reach to the maximum capacity per hour of the machine used to reach the maximum capacity per hour of the machine used to reach the standard deviation.
  • Providing the financial, administrative and legal consultations for the companies and institutions, preparing the internal work models and regulations, either financial or administrative and providing the constructive and proactive solutions in an electronic, fast and effective manner with modern and advances developments
  • Training and developing the skill (financial and administrative) for the employees of the institutions and companies.
  • Services of accounts creation along with their details, archiving files, information technology, and customer follow up, while ensuring the proper and effective implementation.
  • Working to monitor the value -added calculations accurately so that they monitor themselves promptly, whatever they are old or small.
  • Working to rationalize the expenditures, whether public or government expenditures, working to delete all the expenses that do not conflict with the public interest and has no productive benefit in the work, and working to employ al the capabilities in favor of the work and of each place, he is responsible for.
  • Preparing the budgets and financial analysis, analyzing the cause of loss and profit, providing the possible solutions, managing the capital, analyzing the cash flows and submitting the proposals to enhance the liquidity along with providing the latest changes to improve the operational performance.
  • Discovering, god forbid the disputes and financial and administrative embezzlements, knowing the reason for the embezzlement, filling all gaps and points of weakness in the institutions and companies, and liquidating the companies between the owners and shareholders
  • Experience in working preparing the finance file properly so that it meets the needs of the banks and financing companies in their requirements
  • Rescheduling with the banks and financing companies regarding the defaulters so that the company benefits from the capital at the highest levels
  • Economic and financial feasibility studies (in field) with the application of the international standards and global best practices.
  • Providing the consultations in the local and international securities investment regulations.
  • In medical measuring the degree financial investment, how to make the working capital cycle and its management strategies.
  • Our services include settling claims, customer cases, collection and payment
  • Setting and investigating the clients’ confidentiality, privacy, reliability, independence, documentary, accuracy and integrity without prejudice to the professional ethics, law and standards

Our message

Providing the superior, fast and reliable consulting services for our clients in the field of financial , administrative, legal, marketing and software consulting , providing innovative solutions to solve the problems confronting our clients and the market researches, studying the evaluation of emerging our under construction investment opportunities as well as following up and activating the provided services.


Our vision

We hope to be at the top of the first leading advisory groups in the gulf region.

Our services allow you to access to the latest advanced experiences, for example:

  • Documentary session
  • Prepare and set a financial , administrative, marketing and operational documentary cycle so that such cycle shall be done in an electronic institutional way as there is no centralism to a person or a department, whatever its degree or importance is, in view of the foregoing, it is clear from them the responsibility of each department, separately , along with providing the defect, if it happened , god forbid , nothing that all works shall be done electronically.



Arrange the fund so that the receipts and payments are made daily and the fund shall be zero on the previous day


The disbursement shall be made through a fixed custody, and there is no room for a changing custody, along with setting a system for how the custody is managed.



The rule of the one who requests, does not purchase and the one who purchase, don’t pay does not shall apply.



The rules that the sales department differs from the collection department, delivery department, returns department shall be applied and that each department has its responsibility assigned to it.


Credit sales:

Organizing the credit sales in an institutional manager so that the terms of references are defined, starting form invoicing to the customer’s delivery order.


Credit purchases:

Organizing the purchases in an institutional manager, so that the terms defined starting form purchase orders, linking the same to the purchases, presenting the average cost price promptly, along with charging all procurement expenses for the purchased items.



Proving costs, whether directly or indirectly, promptly with the first purchase or sale, so that the cost of the product becomes clear until tit reaches the stores with one financial number, along with proving all direct subsidiary banks to refer to them to reach the real cost in terms of value and quantity in an institutional and electronic way, and to the competitor in the market .



Preparing the estimated budgets to confront what is included in the fund compared to the expected and predetermined works to avoid the fiscal deficit.



Organizing the stock within the minimum and maximum limits, so that the same shall be made according to the international standards of its degree and storage value compared to the current assets so that the stock shall not be increased und accumulated.