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Alqada is a global name in the legal industries known for its effective solutions for all your legal issues, especially debt collection. With a strong determination to help you sort your problems, our law firm is one of the best firms in the Middle East. Our law firm’s legal jurisdiction covers all sectors in the legal world. Our team is proficient with a combination of knowledge, prudence and experience to give you the best legal expert solution.  The client is the king and therefore at Alqada clients are served with utmost care.

Putting Client first:

At Alqada the client is on the priority and all the services are provided to them with utmost care. The best connoisseurs taking charge of the legal issues of the client make the work more efficient. It is the client’s trust in our work that makes it more important to find the best and cost-effective commercial solutions for them.

Skilled Team:

Attorneys who handle your legal disputes must be on the ball and our law firm ensures that you get the best legal know-how and execution. Our team is dedicated, proficient and expert attorneys and legal professionals. Of all the services, our debt collection service stands apart from any other law firms in the Middle East. There is a separate team to take care of the debt related issues with utmost concern. We know the difference between what is right to do and what you have a right to do.

Our Approach:

Alqada deals with all the sectors from banking to construction, real estate to insurance and more, for the clients who are involved in various lawsuits anywhere in the UAE. Our strategic team and expert professionals give the best possible solutions, at the same time giving respect to the clients and their knowledge on the issue. The team of Alqada is transparent to the client and the best teamwork is given to take responsibility for the well being of our client. An innovative approach to solve the lawsuits gives an edge over the other firms.

Come and experience the best and customised legal aid from our law firm. Handover all your legal worries to our legal team and relax while you wait for the best execution to solve your disputes.